Claire's Registration Process

Q) I am interested in registering my child at your school! What is the process? 

A) We very much appreciate your interest! The first thing you should do is call (214-368-4047) or send us a registration inquiry. We will need to know your child’s date of birth and which days you are interested in having him or her attend to determine if there is availability in the classroom. Should the class be full, we can place your child on the wait list at no charge and notify you if a space becomes available.
If we do have availability, then we encourage you to tour our facility and meet your child’s potential caregivers (for Parent’s Day Out) or teachers (for Preschool) as well as visit with the administrators, Claire & Brian.
Once you do this, if you are ready to enroll, you would fill out a registration form, where you would choose which days you are enrolling your child form, and acknowledge the fees on the 2nd page. You would also fill out either a PDO (ages 6mos – 2.5yrs) enrollment form, or Preschool (age 3-5yrs) enrollment form, depending on which program your child is entering.
At this time, you would pay the registration fee and first month’s tuition for the program elected. If enrolling for a Summer program, this tuition is also paid at this time. Please be sure you absolutely sure of your child’s enrollment, as all fees paid are non-refundable.
Please see our FAQ for much more information about our program. We really look forward to meeting you, and sincerely appreciate the opportunity for Claire’s Day School to care for and educate your child!